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Vivaldi is the best browser I’ve used and I think I’ve tried most of them by now: Edge, IE, Chrome, Brave, Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox.  Vivaldi is my #1 browser, Chrome is a stable second, and I usually have Brave installed because it’s very good, but not as functional.  IE and Edge hang around for testing purposes, but other than that I try and make them disappear from my life as much as possible.

Vivaldi Pro’s:

  • It’s a power tool.  This much is for sure, Vivaldi has more options then most browsers will dream of ever owning, but the Vivaldi team are intent on putting the power into the hands of the user.  It’s capable, functional, powerful, and as far as I can see, damn near perfection.
  • Advanced options allow you to set it up and fine tune it exactly how you want.  Some options help to save time, others make you more secure, and others are just about making you comfortable.
  • Chromium based.  This is a must for me, primarily because it allows me to access Google Chrome’s massive library of third party extensions.  With that in the bag, I can install all the extensions that I can use on Chrome, giving me complete control over my web pages.

If you’re not sure that Vivaldi will work for you, check out Mathis story.

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