How do you save multiple attachments from multiple emails in Microsoft Outlook?

This thing:


Yes seriously, that.  Yes, I’m writing in 2021.  Yes, the title is correct.  Yes, the website looks a little worn.  Yes, it doesn’t use SSL.

But after getting about 200 outlook emails each with one attachment on, I needed a reliable and fast way to save all of those attachments to a folder at once, without missing any.  I tried a lot of things including installing a free trial of Mailbird, which in theory, has a special view to show all email attachments.  But it only downloaded about 20 of all the attachments, and said the rest “couldn’t be downloaded”.  So that was a drag.

The Nirsoft tool is the only thing I could find that did the job, and it did it well.  It’s fast, you can filter it by a million things, and it works.